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My name is Adrian. Somebody who has a dream to combine my two passions into one masterpiece. I love both guitar, and mechanical watches. Those can't replace each other. I need to find a way to blend them together to become something. Either guitar elements on wristwatches, or vice versa. It can't be just a printed picture, it needs to be something inspired by something else.

One day in 2018. As usual, after jamming with my guitar, I cleaned my guitar neck, and that was the moment when the idea came from. It looks like this guitar fretboard is very representative to be the surface of the watch bezel. 

I started to draw on a piece of paper, just to see how it looks. I want something classic, yet sporty. And finally, my first rough design was created, I was happy at that time.

Combining arts and sports in wristwatches is not an easy matter. The guitar fretboard-inspired bezel is not enough to create such an artistic accent on a sports watch that I want. I keep jamming, and suddenly I saw something on my acoustic guitar that can be very representative to become the back of the watch case; the acoustic guitar hole with strings. Then I draw again, and I feel like this one is enough, not too much, it's just right.

However, a perfect design means nothing without the help of technical tools to become a reality. There were many technical limitations that require many adjustments to the design. It took a year to adjust. But finally, I am happy that I can now reveal my final watch design to you. Proudly designed in Indonesia, Legatodiver.