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BATCH 1 PROGRESS (For Indonesian Customers)

Prototyping is a pre-production process where the factory translates the technical drawing become a working piece. Working prototypes will be 95% close to the final production, including an installed working movement as it should be on the production pieces. You have seen these prototypes have been around for reviews. You can see all reviews HERE

Status: Completed


The Legatodiver production process is handled by several factories that excel in their respective fields. Not only done by one factory. The goal is to produce quality parts to make a high quality watches. 

Status: Completed 


All parts that have been produced in several factories will be assembled by a factory that is an expert in their field. In addition, water pressure tests were also carried out, and others.

Status: Completed by April 3, 2022


Please note that the production of Legatodiver accessories is carried out by several different factories. Pre-Packing is the process of combining a watch that has been assembled, with accessories that have been manufactured.

Status: Completed by April 10, 2022


This is a shipping process from the Pre-Packing point in China, to our fulfillment center in Singapore, for further processing.

Status: Completed by June 24, 2022

  • [Apr 10, 2022] - Because several areas in China are under lockdown, the fulfillment process is currently experiencing a slight delay. Please be patient.
  • [Apr 27, 2022] - Some locked areas in China started to become normal. The fulfillment process is now undergoing. Please be patient.
  • [May 16, 2022] - The fulfillment process is halfway. Please be patient.


This phase is a process where all watches will be checked one by one physically, functionally, and quality, before being sent to customers.

Status: Initiating

  • [May 23, 2022] - Partially arrived, we are preparing the process while waiting for the rest. Please be patient.
  • [June 25, 2022] - We are preparing for Quality Control Process
  • [July 10, 2022] - QC process completed


This first batch is dedicated to Indonesian customers. Therefore, after the Quality Control process is completed. All watches will be gradually delivered to our Indonesian office, before final distribution to Indonesian customers.

Status: Jakarta Fulfilment

  • [July 13, 2022] - Shipping process initiated to Jakarta warehouse