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Frequently Asked Question

MW Timepieces was born from our small design project called MaestroWorks Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia. The idea is to make a proper design processing with a well-experienced team. Coincidently, we all love watches, and our first design project turned out to be a wristwatch design. Read more.

In music performance and notation, legato indicates that musical notes are played or sung smoothly and connected. That is, the player makes a transition from note to note with no intervening silence. Legatodver is a smooth transition of a classic dive watch. We brought classic inspiration to the design, well blended with a guitar inspiration on it. Legatodiver is a very well-developed model, we really took our time to develop the design, dimension, and quality finishing. We are not rushing, Legatodiver was smoothly born, a well-thought model like the legato; smoothly and connected. Read More

Legatodiver is our first lineup, and it was built purely by our founder Adrian, based on his 2 passions: guitar, and mechanical watches. He tried to blend his two hobbies into one masterpiece. That's is the soul of Legatodiver. 

NO. MW Timepieces lineup will vary, not only inspired by guitar, musical instruments, or something related to music. We will build watches as how premium watches should be which its design can be dive watches, pilot watches, dress watches, chronograph watches, field watches, etc. Our idea is to make a new approach in order to blend classic inspiration into modern design. Not necessarily guitar or music inspired.

As we know, microbrand watches have no limitation in terms of design, concept, etc. We, as watch enthusiasts have wild imaginations to create watches. However, we understand that there must be a certain limit in terms of the design to make it like a real watch, not too much. Our focus is to create something new to apply in microbrand watches, something fresh without losing the retro/classic inspiration. It can be on the design, features, or something else. Our job is to surprise you with our watches.

MW Timepieces is a watch brand from Indonesia. All ideas and designs are born and processed here in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are a bunch of Indonesian watch enthusiasts and watch designers with the same vision; to build watches as our positive contribution to the world of horology, specifically microbrand watch industry.

Every piece of our watches is manufactured in China. We work with highly experienced factories to build high-quality watches. We are not only integrated with a single watch factory, but We also work with some factories that specialized in making good quality parts to support our watch.

We have 3 layers of the quality control process: China, Singapore, and Indonesia, to make sure that we deliver good quality watches that are properly inspected.

No. For Indonesian customers, we will use our Indonesia office as a delivery point. However, for international customers, all fulfillment and shipment will be arranged from our Singapore hub office. 

We will launch our campaign for the first model on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which will be running in a different schedule. Please read our campaign updates on our Pre-Launch page.

YES. The watch price listed is basically excludes shipping costs. However, please read our Shipping & Handling page for more details.

This matter will refer to every country's customs regulation. You will be responsible for that matter.

Please read our Warranty & Repair page.

Yes. If you use Paypal as your payment method, you will be charged a Paypal fee of 2 % from the total transaction, apart from the shipping cost.